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11-13 November 2024

(At 11.00 on 11-11-2024 We will open the circle together)  


Every day we start at 11:00 and we will finish around 17:00

Financial contribution:



All the profit of this Priestess intervention will be donated to an  organisation that worksfor the health of the Island Ibiza and the sea around it. This way we give back to the Island that hosts us. <3


 Everybody who can will pay this 111,- Also us from the organisation.  But, if you really don't have the money and you feel you need to be there, please contact us .We have 11 places for €11,-

Accommodation and transport:

This is something that you will haver to arrange for yourself (or with your sisters)We will make a FB page so you can find sisters to travel with and share a car (You will need a car to get to the places we gather) .





There will, of cours, be space holders to assist us in the processes, but as we gather with Priestesses we asume that all have done innerwork and can hold themselves too when personal or collective pain needs to be processed and released. These wounds run deep so it can get quite intense. As we are such a big group we will need to have a strong foundation within ourselves. Of course it can happen that something comes along that is to overwelming, and then it is good to know that there are not only spaceholders but also many other Priestesses around to go through it with you.



We will work on some of the most powerful places of Ibiza. These places are of the beaten path. They are not to hard to walk but they are rocky and the last day up hill. There is also a 20 steps stairs to climb.


When we are in Ibiza doing our work as Priestesses there will also be a men's group in Ibiza doing their own inner work. On the Last day, 13-11 The men will join us in working on the wound between the Feminine and the Masculine. 

If you, as a men, want to join this group please contact Oskar of Wild and Sacr
ed Men at
He will provide you with all the info. 

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